Process Glass: Cutting, Polishing, Tempering, Curtain wall etc.

Our glass processing includes: Tempering, Lamination, Double glazing, Curtainwall facade, Spider facade, etc

Undertake Projects: Installation of Glass & Aluminium works

Alucobond cladding, glass for curtain wall, office partitions, shower cubicles, glass canopy, and balustrades (stainless steel & glass)

Sales: Glass, Aluminium Profiles, Alucobond & Accessories.

Float glasses, aluminium composite panel(alucobond), aluminium profiles, silicon sealant, windows canopy, glass blocks, balustrades and accessories.

Cost Control Analysis

Our sales team has been trained to identify and reduce unnecessary expenses that customers might incur, especially when budgeting on their projects.

Overall Schedulling

Our project team identifies the scope of customers’ work that needs to be completed, understands quality requirements, risks, and workout estimates of activity durations which ensures effective time management.

Construction coordination

There is always a deep sense of coordination during the entire process from start to finish which ensures that clients are always happy with the finished product. We ask the customer whether he is happy with how the project is ongoing, this build trust, which is necessary in this type of business.

Modular Glass Facade

A section of our unit specializes in the use of factory-produced pre-engineered glass units that are delivered to the site and assembled as large volumetric components or as substantial elements of a building. This ensures speedy delivery and a clean environment as various units are assembled like Lego blocks.

Manufacturing Glass Operation

At Sofaamy, we understand owners, architects, and inhabitants alike love glass box design for its reflective, shimmering, and transparent qualities. The connection between the inside and outside worlds is part of the allure of glass buildings, and glass box designs can seem to be one with the environment, as they reflect the sky, trees, and nature around them.

Architects and building occupants love the sleek appearance of glass buildings, plus the benefits of daylight and window views. Architects particularly enjoy designing glass boxes because the increased fenestration area can offset the need for additional lighting and provide a psychologically healthy connection to the outdoors (the biophilic effect).

Engineering Services

Sofaamy is the number one expert in curtain wall engineering, storefront engineering, skylight engineering & design, glass railing engineering, balustrade, sunshade, louver, sunscreen, glass floor design, all-glass design and aluminum metal panel engineering.

Our Cherished Customers - background

Our client base and working relationship include corporate and private institutions such as hospitals, private estate developers, automobile warehouses and glass dealers, the aviation industry, university and tertiary institutions, hospitality, and other leisure institutions.

Advisory (Consultation)

We provide an advisory role to our customers on a wide range of modern designs.

Delivery - Swift with Perfection

We ensure you get the service on time and in an atmosphere of satisfaction.